Shalini Nandan-Singh

Lawyer, Contract Specialist, Speaker & Advocate for Women in Business

Drawing on more than 15 years’ experience as a lawyer and a woman in business, Shalini Nandan-Singh helps Australian service-based entrepreneurs protect their businesses and their bottom lines with empowered legal advice and contracts.

Her keen insight into the nuances and practicalities of law as a tool for protecting and empowering women in business have seen her engaged as a speaker for digital and live events, presenting to both Australian and international audiences.

Encouraging listeners to #loveyourlegals, Shalini has presented at numerous small business development events, workshops, podcasts and summits. This includes hosting a workshop as part of Queensland’s Small Business Week for 2018, and another for international business retreat, The Excellence Collective.

A regular guest mentor in a number of high-profile masterminds, Shalini is an engaging and informed presenter who firmly believes that business legals should be an authentic extension of any business. Her goal is to educate audiences that, rather than confusing legalese, business legals should be designed to create positive business boundaries that drive client relationships founded on compassion and understanding.

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