Let’s get your business legals sorted.

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Stop Worrying About your legal risk.

Take action now and stop worrying about ‘later’.

Simple steps taken now can save you from having to take big actions later.

Love your business? Then let’s look after it by giving your legals some love!

Choose from our extensive range of DIY templates, or talk to us about custom drafting if your situation is a little more complicated.

Why Love Your Legals?

Because it’s not about ironclad contracts or closing every loophole;
It’s about empowering yourself with the knowledge, tools and confidence to run your business safely and ethically.



We help Australian service-based entrepreneurs protect their business and their bottom line with empowered legal advice and contracts.

Not sure what legal documents you need for your stage of business?

Download our FREE “Cover Your Bases Checklist” for a clear, simple and easy to follow step by step guide

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This FREE chat is perfect for you if you are unsure what contracts or policies you need for your business.

A chat with Shalini will provide direction and clarity about the next steps in your business and contract requirements.

Please book a Power Session Consult if you require complex legal advice or advice about specific contracts, client or supplier issues.

Our Mission

Beyond helping you grow a successful business, our mission is to educate and empower women to become their own best advocate, with the knowledge and tools to protect themselves and the confidence to stand their ground.

If the legal aspects of your business feel overwhelming or like you’re moving too far from the heart-centered business you first created, now is the perfect time to talk.

We offer grounded, realistic support (and up-front, transparent pricing) to give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to know where you stand – and to stand your ground.


We have a large variety of blog articles covering all aspects of business legals.

To read more blog articles click here.

Are you offering a payment plan to customers?

Are you offering a payment plan to customers?

Get all the details with my take on successfully managing payment plans in (virtually) any small business. I have been pondering payment plans. I draft many Service Agreements. Every Service Agreement has Payment Terms included, and MANY also have Payment Plan options...

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We’ll draft contracts on your behalf – but we can also work with you to identify legal tasks and issues that you can easily do on your own to save money.

If you’ve ever worried about

  • Being sued or ripped off
  • Having to sign legal documents without understanding what they mean
  • The cost of having a legal expert in your corner
  • Finding the time to make sure your legals are sorted

….then you’re in the right place.

Legal documents aren’t supposed to be scary or confusing. These documents, tailored to your strengths, are your way of clearly communicating your obligations – and your client’s.

When everyone knows where they stand from Day 1, it’s easier to arrive safely at Day 100.


Gail O’Keeffe

Gail O’Keeffe

EFT Practitioner

I found the legal side of my business overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start. I was holding my breath hoping nothing would go astray!

Shalini explained to me in her professional, yet friendly manner why and how having the legal side of my business in order reduces my risk. Shalini took the time to fully understand my business, how each of my services operated and explained what I needed without any legal jargon. It was a very refreshing experience!


Claire Richardson

Claire Richardson

Website Designer

Shalini has been an absolute blessing to my business. Without Shalini I had none of the processes and procedures in place to cover myself. I would stress over it constantly but just didn’t know what to do about it without paying thousands for a lawyer.

Shalini helped me to realise that service agreements and legals are nothing to be scared of. I now feel empowered that MY TERMS of business are documented clearly for clients from the beginning of a relationship.